Gov: ZONK! – Constitution Review

ZONK! review game: Constitution


Congrats to winning groups:
Period 2 – Orcas
Period 3 – Camels
Period 5 – Elephants
Period 6 – Cheetahs
Period 7 – Cheetahs


Government Homework:
1. Constitution Quiz I – Wednesday 10/9
2. Independence Quiz III – close Thurs 10/10



Honors Gov: Judicial System Review

Judicial system review worksheet:

  • Identify the organization and jurisdiction of federal, state, and local courts and the interrelationships among the various types of courts.
  • Determine the role that judges play in the court system and describe the ways they are appointed.
  • Explain the structure, function, and process of the Supreme Court.

Honors Gov Homework:
1. Amendments Quiz II close today 10/8
2. Judicial Branch Quiz I – Wed 10/9
3. Constitution Quiz III – close Thurs 10/10