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SCOTUS Bill of Rights cases

With the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution, Americans were guaranteed a broad range of civil rights and civil liberties. But these were only formal guarantees. The enforcement of these rights was another matter. These rights and freedoms would be safeguarded only when protections were built into the structure of government. That is where the role of the Supreme Court and other federal courts come into play. Before free speech and other rights on paper could be safeguarded, the language of the Bill of Rights had to be interpreted and applied under actual circumstances. That task would fall to the Supreme Court under its power of judicial review, a power established in the case of Marbury v. Madison.

Government Homework:
1. Constitution Quiz II – closes Sunday 10/20



Honors Gov: Social Science Analysis Research

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Social Science Analysis


  • Presents appropriate information from various primary and secondary sources.
  • Uses and connects information from various sources throughout the analysis with appropriate acknowledgment (e.g. attributes, quotes, citations, references, etc.)
  • Notes source credibility, biases, stereotyping, and/or misrepresentations.


  • Identifies and objectively explains with some detail multiple points of view related to the topic.
  • Explains several factors which influenced or caused the event, issue, or problem.
  • Explains some probable implications, effects, and/or results and their relationship to the event, issue, or problem