Honors Gov: Social Science Analysis Research

Social Science Analysis Research: Sick In America Whose Body Is It Anyway


This 20/20 program deals with the argument that a privatized system provides much better healthcare than a socialized system, based on the fact that since there would be much more competition in a privatized system, it would not only lower prices, generally speaking, but would also give consumers a variety of choices concerning what they would pay for.



Gov: Amendments Court Cases

Constitution and Gavel    The Bill of Rights protects individual civil rights and civil liberties. In our activity, we will examine some cases that involved a conflict of rights between two individuals or between an individual’s rights and the government’s need to protect society.

Create a table as follows:

  • List the basic rights protected or guaranteed by the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10).
  • List and describe Supreme Court cases that acted as a precedent and helped further define each amendment. (Hint: Amendments 3 and 7 have no court cases.)

Government Homework:
1. Constitution Quiz II – close Sunday 10/20