Honors Gov: Social Science Analysis Research

Social Science Analysis: Sick In America Whose Body Is It Anyway?


John Stossel interviews patients, doctors, health insurance representatives, and other experts in an examination of health care in America. Included among the interviewees is Michael Moore, producer of Sicko.


Social Science Analysis


  • Presents appropriate information from various primary and secondary sources.
  • Uses and connects information from various sources throughout the analysis with appropriate acknowledgment (e.g. attributes, quotes, citations, references, etc.)
  • Notes source credibility, biases, stereotyping, and/or misrepresentations.


  • Identifies and objectively explains with some detail multiple points of view related to the topic.
  • Explains several factors which influenced or caused the event, issue, or problem.
  • Explains some probable implications, effects, and/or results and their relationship to the event, issue, or problem



Gov: ZONK! – Bill of Rights Review

ZONK! review game: Bill of Rights


Congrats to winning groups:
Period 2 – Orcas
Period 3 – Cheetahs
Period 5 – Penguins
Period 6 – Orcas
Period 7 – Penguins

ZONK 10.18.2013