Gov: Sick Around America – part 2

  Who is to blame for America’s healthcare mess, and how can we fix it? John Stossel examines the insurance industry the need for competition to create better care and innovative experiments aimed at combining lower costs with better medicine. He also argues with Michael Moore whose documentary Sicko is a scathing criticism of America’s healthcare system. Stossel and Moore agree that healthcare in America is sick but they have opposite prescriptions for the cure. Health costs are rising faster than inflation but a few experiments show that there is a different way that reduces costs but still makes medicine good for patients. First, Stossel talks to doctors who deal directly with patients without insurance and therefore have a different relationship with their patients. These doctors answer patients’ emails give out their own cell phone numbers and work hard to cater to their patients. He also looks at new kind of medical clinic walk-in clinics in places like drugstores and grocery stores. Stossel also talks to John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods about his company’s new healthcare plan which puts employees more in control of their healthcare dollars.


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