Gov: Sick In America – part 1

  Sick In America: Whose Body Is It, Anyway? John Stossel reports on socialized health care from a pro-freedom point of view. Stossel examines the insurance industry, the need for competition to create better care and innovative experiments aimed at combining lower costs with better medicine. He also argues with Michael Moore whose documentary Sicko is a scathing criticism of America’s healthcare system. To Michael Moore the insurance companies are crooks and we’d be better off in places like Cuba, Canada, France, or England – any country that offers socialized medicine. Stossel interviews Harvard Business School professor Regina Herzlinger, who takes aim at the legislative process as well as insurers and hospitals. Herzlinger tells Stossel: Healthcare is vibrant and living. It’s full of great doctors and great  hospitals and great scientists and great medicines and great technologies and it’s been killed…It’s the insurers. They have our money…It’s the hospitals. You go to a hospital you have no idea what it costs. And it’s the U.S. Congress. In countries where healthcare is free, governments deal with that increased demand for it by limiting what’s available. Government rationing healthcare in Canada is why when Karen J. went into labor with her identical quadruplets — no neonatal unit in Canada had room for her. She flew to Montana to have the babies.



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