Gov: Chapter 8 Review

May 4th     Political parties and interest groups exert a strong influence on government and offer ways for Americans to participate in the political process. Many Americans distrust interest groups. However, these groups play a vital role in our political system. Interest groups provide information that helps public officials do their jobs. They also help inform Americans about the actions of their government. Political parties perform various functions. They run candidates in elections and help inform voters about political issues. They also organize the government. The United States has a two-party system, dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties. Third parties and independent voters have an impact on elections and issues as well. The creation of public policy is a multi step process. It begins with the identification of issues. If an issue is considered important, it becomes part of the public agenda. Officials then address the issue by formulating a policy. After the policy is adopted and implemented, officials and other interested parties evaluate its results. If the policy has failed to meet its goals, the process may begin all over again. 47l


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