Gov: General Election Campaign

General Election Campaign   During the campaigning session, the presidential nominees and their campaigners will crisscross the nation to meet voters. Candidate teams considered and discussed which states they should focus on in their campaign, and why? Presidential nominees can visit as many states as they want to encourage those states to vote for them. When a nominee makes a campaign stop, he or she can talk to multiple states in the area. No state can stop a nominee as he or she is traveling. A nominee is free to visit the states he or she chooses and may visit some states more than once or not at all.

Periods 1 and 2

Popular Vote
Terry Lankan – 41%
Corey Mathews – 59%

Electoral Vote
Terry Lankan – 202
Corey Mathews – 282

Periods 1 and 3

Popular Vote
Terry Lankan – 57%
Corey Mathews – 43%

Electoral Vote
Terry Lankan – 308
Corey Mathews – 230

Periods 4 and 7

Popular Vote
J.A. Curley – 29%
Casey McMahon – 71%

Electoral Vote
J.A. Curley – 269
Casey McMahon – 242



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