HGov: Political Socialization

Political Socialization

Opinions you have on political issues tend to be shaped by deeply held political beliefs and values. The formation of these beliefs and values begins early in life and continues throughout adulthood. This process is called political socialization. To socialize an individual means to teach that person to be a member of society. Political socialization involves learning about the values, beliefs, and processes that underlie a political system in order to participate in it effectively. The process of political socialization is important. No democracy could survive if its citizens did not share some fundamental beliefs about how their government should operate. However, this process does not produce people who think exactly alike. Political socialization involves all of the experiences that lead us to view political issues the way we do. And those experiences are never the same from one person to the next.

1) Read Chapter 6 pp.191-195



Econ: Economic Systems

Economic Systems Preview

Just as forms of government vary from one nation to the next, so do economic systems. People and societies organize economic life to deal with the basic problems raised by scarcity and opportunity cost through what is called an economic system. An economic system can be described as the collection of institutions, laws, activities, controlling values, and human motivations that collectively provide a framework for economic decision making. A nation’s values and goals influence its choice of economic systems. An economic system is a way of organizing the production and consumption of goods and services. Economic systems exist because people must meet certain needs to survive. These survival needs include food, clothing, and shelter. In addition, people have endless wants. Such wants may include things that make life more comfortable, more entertaining, or more satisfying in some way.

1) Chapter 3 Vocab
2) Read Chapter 3.1-3.2 pp.37-41