Econ: Banana Market – Day 1


Students will be playing the role of buyers and sellers in a banana market. Buyers and sellers will meet in the marketplace to buy and sell bananas. A sale is made when one buyer and one seller agree on a price with which they are both satisfied. Sales must be in whole-dollar increments. After a sale is made, the students will record the price under “Actual Sale Price” on their score sheet. They will report the sale price to the Price Recorder and exchange their Buy or Sell Card for another card of the same type.

After each round of buying and selling, students will return their Buy or Sell card to the teacher. Do not record any sales that were not reported to the teacher and the Price Recorder. Students will calculate their gains or losses for each sale and for the round on their score sheet. If they did not buy or sell during the round, record 0 as their total for the round. Review the price tally sheet and the distribution of prices for the round. Students should then plan their strategies for the next round.



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