HGov: Unit Review


Elections in the United States are fairly frequent, time consuming and expensive. It has become a game of the wealthy, the lobby groups, and major parties. Television media dominates the reporting, campaigning, and debating, with rapid expansion of internet access and influence. Campaigns aim at controlling the media presentations, spinning information to the benefit of their cause, and avoiding any negative images. Over the ears, the election trends have shifted from a strong Democratic presence to a Republican dominated government. The role of money in political campaigning has become a major point of controversy and has led to many attempts for stricter reforms and restrictions; however, few restrictions have been made or followed. Public opinion is heighten during election times and often it is the only time when the divisions of support expose themselves and shift in affiliation may be seen. Finance reform efforts have not had much success in the branches of government.

1) Candidate Campaign Commercial – due Wednesday 11/4
2) Unit Test – on Friday 11/6



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