HGov: Second and Third Amendment Case Study


The Second Amendment protects the rights of states to maintain a militia and of citizens to bear arms. Today lawmakers and citizens still argue over the exact meaning of the Second Amendment. Was it intended to apply only to a militia, or were all citizens guaranteed the right to “keep and bear arms”?

In the United States v. Miller case, the Court supported the conviction of two men who had failed to register a sawed-off shotgun. The Court’s decision directly tied gun ownership to militias. Because militias never used sawed-off shotguns for common defense, the Court determined that government had the right to regulate such weapons.


The Third Amendment restricts quartering of troops in private homes during peacetime. Although the Third Amendment has little direct application today compared to colonial times, it offers a general guarantee for the privacy and sanctity of people’s homes.

No court cases.




1) Read Chapter 14 pp.445-474
2) Read Chapter 15 pp.481-511



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