HGov: Chapter 15 Review


The main ideas presented in chapter 15 are these:

Through regulation, the U.S. government imposes restraints on business activity for the purpose of promoting economic efficiency and equity.

Through regulatory and conservation policies, the U.S. government seeks to protect and preserve the environment from the actions of business firms and consumers.

Through promotion, the U.S. government helps private interests achieve their economic goals. Business in particular benefits from the government’s promotional efforts, including, for example, tax breaks and loans.

Through its taxing and spending decisions (fiscal policy), the U.S. government seeks to generate a level of economic supply and demand that will maintain economic prosperity.

Through its money supply decisions (monetary policy), the U.S. government—through “the Fed”—seeks to maintain a level of inflation consistent with sustained, controllable economic growth.

1) Read Chapter 14 pp.445-474
2) Read Chapter 15 pp.481-511



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