Econ: Summit Learning Objectives


IES Mini Summit
Learning Objectives

  • You will explore the question, “Why are some countries so incredibly wealthy and others so desperately poor?” 
  • You will learn about several important tools that will assist you in the goal of improving the living standard for your country.
  • You will learn about the important connections between living standards, investments, and governance.
  • You will utilize basic concepts in economic development and international trade that include: gross domestic product, growth rates, balance of payments, comparative advantage, imports, exports, currency, rates of exchange, and barriers to trade.
  • You will learn how countries around the globe work and live.
  • You will learn about the opportunities available to people in these countries and the impact that governance has on these opportunities.
  • You will develop specific country improvement plans that will be implemented at your Summit event.
  • You will master the activities of the Summit event including forming trade alliances, the trade session, and keeping score.
  • You will learn how to collect, organize, and evaluate data about your country and prepare a comprehensive report explaining how your efforts in the Summit event impacted the standard of living for your country.

Each team should have completed in their Player’s Guide:
1. Country Fact Sheet on page 7 #1-18
2. IES Research Project on page 11 #2 & 3 and page 12 #4, 5, 6
3. IES Research Project on page 13 #7, 8, 9 and page 14 #10 & 12
4. Human Development Index on page 20 #2 & 3



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