Econ: Summit Trade Session


Improving living standards and the quality of life is your responsibility as an economic advisor. The trading session at the Summit is a great opportunity to achieve your country’s goals and demonstrate your superior trading ability. When you begin the Summit, you will receive an export coupon your export coupons (your country’s name will be on each coupon). During the trading session, you will trade (barter) your export coupons with other countries or you may buy and sell export coupons for cash.No coupons are to be exchanged prior to the trading session.

What is the Trading Session?
Your goal during the trading session is to exchange your export coupons for import coupons you will select as you generate your country’s strategic plan. You and your team will submit a list of import coupons you intend to obtain during the trading session at the Summit. The imports you select and submit for your strategic plan become the goals you must try to obtain during the trading session. You and your team can earn up to 20 points for meeting your import goals. At the end of the trading session, you may have some of your own coupons left over. No problem! Extra exports just mean you have a trade surplus. These coupons do not count toward your import goals.

Here is an example:
Let’s say the United Kingdom has 5 Consumer Goods coupons to export (these could represent clothes, washers and dryers, cars, or lawnmowers). In their strategic plan, the United Kingdom selected 3 Consumer Goods coupons to import (they wanted microwaves and coffee makers). At the end of the trading session, the United Kingdom has 3 Consumer Goods coupons, two coupons from Japan, and one of their own original Consumer Goods coupons. The Consumer Goods coupon with the United Kingdom label will not count toward meeting the import goals of their strategic plan.

Remember, you must trade, barter, or sell your export coupons for the import coupons you selected.

Each team will complete in the Player’s Guide:
1. Strategic Planning on page 45 A, B, & C
2. Strategic Planning on page 46 A, B, & C
3. Strategic planning on pages 47-48 #1 – 8



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