Econ: Summit Scoring


The Team Leaders will:

  • Record on their team’s scorecard the number of import coupons from both alliance and non-alliance countries and arrange coupons in proper sequence found on page 48 of the Players Guide.
  • Record the amount of currency your team has on hand at the end of the trade session. Turn your team’s currency in to the Summit Bank and have the bank count and verify the ending amount.
  • Division 1 Countries will record the ending amount of Foreign Aid Vouchers and Foreign Aid Cash. To avoid the 15-points deduction, the team must have one Foreign Aid Voucher for every 5 WELCOs of Foreign Aid Cash.
  • Division 3 Countries will record the ending amount of Foreign Aid Cash and Foreign Aid Vouchers.
  • Finally record the type and quantity of Long Term Development Projects that your team invested into.

The scoremaster will submit their team’s Summit Scorecard, Summit Loan Document, Team Costume and Table Display Scorecard, and country packet to the Summit Secretary/Scorekeeper.

Team Scoring:

  • Player’s Guide Completed
  • Imports Submitted on Time and Correctly
  • Table Display
  • Team Costume
  • Member of Trade Alliance
  • Exports Goals Accomplished
  • Import Goals Accomplished
  • Ending Cash Greater or Equal to Beginning Amount
  • Long Term Development Projects
  • Summit Loan Completed
  • Failed to Distribute Foreign Aid Cash
  • Unpaid Tariffs
  • Unsettled Bank Loan
  • Broken Trade Alliance

1) Study for Semester Exam



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