Gov: Chapter 13 Review


  • The executive branch enforce the laws and carries out government policy. A  chief executive leads this branch and oversees the work of the government bureaucracy.
  • Mayors, governors, and presidents are all chief executives. They manage executive affairs at their level of government.
  • The president has certain powers under the Constitution. Over time, presidential power has expanded as a result of custom and practice. Today the president enjoys powers beyond those listed in the Constitution.
  • The president plays many roles as head of the executive branch. Among these are chief executive, commander in chief, chief diplomat, and chief policymaker.
  • The executive branch contains many officials, departments, and agencies. The president oversees the operations of these various groups with assistance from advisers.
  • Most Americans benefit from the services that local, state, and federal bureaucracies provide despite complaints about bureaucratic inefficiency.

1) Chapter 13 Review Questions worksheet #1-13



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