Gov: Floor Vote

bill to law
House Bill 1: Keep Americans Safe Act. This bill would give the president the power to have e-mails and phone calls intercepted without having to obtain a warrant from a U.S. court.

House Bill 2: Energy Independence Act. This bill would open up federal lands and offshore coastal waters to oil and gas drilling.

House Bill 3: Fair Minimum Wage Act. This bill would raise the federal minimum wage.

The Speaker of the House will select the order in which the bills will be debated. Committee chairs will read the bill and amendments aloud. They will allow House members to ask any clarifying questions. House members have five minutes to review the bill and the expert testimony and to consult with members of that committee. They then have 10 minutes to write a one- or two-paragraph statement that explains why they support or oppose the bill. This statement begins, “Mister or Madam Speaker, I rise to speak in support of or in opposition to H.R. Bill…” The committee chair and ranking minority member puts together a list of which party members will speak and in which order. Each list has one-minute speaking slots for their party for the floor debate. They submit list this to the speaker.

The Speaker of the House will officiate the debate. The Speaker take turns recognizing Republican and Democrat speakers from the list submitted by the committee chair and the ranking minority member. Each speaker has one minute. Republicans speak from the podium on their side of the room and Democrats from their podium. When all speakers have finished, the Speaker announces, “Debate on H.R. Bill is ended.”

After the 10-minute review period, the speaker officiates the voice voting. If House members think the speaker has incorrectly judged the voice vote, they may request a standing vote.



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