HGov: Reading Assignment

Suggested chunking of your chapter readings and note taking.

Chapter 1
1.1 Political Culture: The Core Principles of American Government (read pp.5-18)
1.2 Politics: Resolution of Conflict (read pp.18-25)
1.3 Political Power: The Control of Policy (read pp.25-33)

Chapter 2
2.1 Before the Constitution: The Colonial and Revolutionary Experiences (read pp.37-45)
2.2 Negotiating Toward a Constitution (read pp.45-50)
2.3 Protecting Liberty: Limited Government (read pp.50-58)
2.4 Providing for Self-Government (read pp.58-66)

Chapter 3
3.1 Federalism: National and State Sovereignty (read pp.71-79)
3.2 Federalism in Historical Perspective (read pp.79-88)
3.3 Federalism Today (read pp.88-100)

Chapter 4
4.1 Freedom of Expression (read pp.105-120)
4.2 The Right of Privacy (read pp.121-123)
4.3 Rights of Persons Accused of Crimes (read pp.124-139)

Chapter 5
5.1 The Struggle for Equality (read pp.143-166)
5.2 Equality of Result (read pp.167-176)



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