HGov: US Constitution Packet

Read the U. S. Constitution and complete the questions in your worksheet packet. Please make sure all the answers are in your own words. The worksheet packet is a survey of the U.S. Constitution, beginning with the Preamble and continuing on through the Amendments. It is a thorough review of the various provisions of the Constitution, and will serve as a basis of your first test in the semester, in addition to additional reading from the text. You should find a copy of the Constitution (page A-5 in your textbook) and then read through it from beginning to end, entering the required information asked on the study guide. It does go in chronological order. There are a few points that are a bit tricky, so if you get hung up on one or two, do not worry. We will review some of them, but you should be able to understand most of what is written.

Summer Homework:
1) In your notebook: Chapters 1-5 Reading notes, Constitution Packet (glued or taped into notebook), & Current Events entry for July 25-29
2) Current Events entry for August 1-5
3) Current Events entry for August 8-12
4) Current Events entry for August 15-19
5) Current Events entry for August 22-26
6) Current Events entry for August 29 – September 2



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