HGov: Learnerator is now Albert.io

Introducing Albert.io

Albert.io is the successor to Learnerator and we will be shutting Learnerator.com down by June 30th, 2016.

Three years after we launched Learnerator, we’ve watched it outgrow what we ever imagined. We are replatforming to Albert.io for three reasons:

Faster feature development. With ultra-modern architecture and technology, Albert.io offers a richer and smoother experience than Learnerator. More importantly, it will let us deploy new features and fix bugs much faster than before.

Raising the bar on content quality. In the background, we have developed world-class authoring and content moderation tools to produce higher quality content with shorter development cycles.

Expanding our content coverage.



Why Do I Not See the Subject I Study/Teach on Albert.io When It is On Learnerator?
If you don’t see a subject that we have on Learnerator.com, it’s because we’re currently working on it. Rest assured we’ll be releasing that subject in the coming months! Also, keep in mind that the content on Albert.io is new content. So if we are missing a subject on Albert.io now but have it on Learnerator.com, it will still be available to you after the final migration this summer because the content from Learnerator.com will be moved to Albert.io.

What Will Happen to the Content on Learnerator?
All of the content on Learnerator will be migrated and combined with Albert.io’s content at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. We will begin this migration throughout the spring, so check Albert.io regularly to see the latest additions.

Do Tags Affect Albert.io’s Alignment to the College Board Curriculum Framework?
Tags do not affect Albert.io’s alignment. Like Learnerator, Albert.io is 100% aligned to the College Board curriculum. Tags just give you greater control over the questions you practice, and the subject guide helps you select topics to isolate practice for key concepts.

Do I Need to Create a New Account on Albert.io?
Yes, you will need to create an account on Albert.io



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