HGov: Government and Politics

Gov and Politics
Government and politics are two terms that are often confused as terms that convey the same meaning. Government and politics relates to the methods for governing over a state, nation, or country. Both terms relates to that system that controls a state, nation or country, but are different from each other. The word government is used in the sense of a body that prescribes the rules and regulations pertaining to governing a country. The word politics is used in the sense of a branch of knowledge that deals with affairs of state. This is the main difference between the two words.

Government is the structure by which a country, state, group or community is governed by a single person or group of people. All executive and legislative authorities in a state or community are rests with the government. It is related to administration of a state or country. Government is the means for determining policies for state and enforcing the same. All countries of the world have a specific form of government.

Politics is a practice or theory of influencing and governing on other people on a global or individual level. It relates to struggle of achieving and exercising an executive positions or positions of governance. It is a system of organized control over a human community or a state or country. It is the study of the distribution of power and allocation of resources at international level or national level. Skills for negotiation, law making strategies, exercising force and delegating authorities decides the political future of a politician.

The following are the basic differences between government and politics.

  • Government is the main body or institution that runs the country and politics is a theory or practice that helps in running the country.
  • Government is established by the winning political party and all decisions are mostly decided by the ruling party while politics equally deals with the importance of the ruling party and the opposition party.
  • Government is a specific term that is limited to the official institutes or departments of the state while politics is a wider term that is also found in education, sports, corporations, etc.
  • Government itself shows the control over military, civil infrastructure and public while politics is the name of opinions and suggestions.


Summer Assignment:
1) Completed in your notebook: Chapters 1-5 Reading notes, Constitution Packet (glued or taped into notebook), Current Events entry for July 25-29, Current Events entry for August 1-5, & Current Events entry for August 8-12

1) Current Events entry for August 15-19
2) Current Events entry for August 22-26
3) Current Events entry for August 29 – September 2
4) Chapters 1-5 Test on Thursday 9/8.



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