HGov: Summer Assignment Reminder

Spongebob Procrastination
If you haven’t started your summer assignment, don’t procrastinate. Git-r-done.



Students are required to read Unit 1 (Chapters 1-5) and take Cornell notes.
Chapter 1: American Political Culture pp.5-33
Chapter 2: Constitutional Democracy pp.37-67
Chapter 3: Federalism pp.71-101
Chapter 4: Civil Liberties pp.104-139
Chapter 5: Equal Rights pp.142-176




Constitution Packet
Read the U. S. Constitution and complete the questions in this handout. Please make sure all the answers are in your own words.



current events7

Current Events is an integral component to studying and applying the fundamentals of United States government and the political system. The idea is to afford you the opportunity to follow important events and issues arising in the United States and provide commentary and insight, making connections to Government course content.

At the end of each week write (complete sentences; ~500 words) about the major event or events in American government and/or politics from the past week relating to US Constitutional issues.

1) Current Events entry for July 25-29
2) Current Events entry for August 1-5
3) Current Events entry for August 8-12
4) Current Events entry for August 15-19
5) Current Events entry for August 22-26
6) Current Events entry for August 29 – September 2



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