HGov: Health Care LPA

Learning Target: Identify, research, and clarify an issue of significance to our government by gathering, using, and evaluating researched information to support analysis and conclusion.

Jon Pelfreman investigates the health care system in the United States and searches for some answers to its many problems. Sick Around America lays bare the flaws in our system and examines the critical choices Americans face in changing a system that all sides agree needs a fundamental overhaul.

In Sick Around the World, T.R. Reid examines the healthcare systems of other advanced capitalist democracies to see what ideas might help the U.S. reform its broken healthcare system.

In this ABC News program 20/20, John Stossel examines the insurance industry, the need for competition among care providers, and the possibility of combining lower costs with better medicine.

Chapters 7 and 8 Quiz in Edmodo – due Monday 10/31



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