Gov LPA Research: Sick In America

This 20/20 program deals with the argument that a privatized system provides much better healthcare than a socialized system, based on the fact that since there would be much more competition in a privatized system, it would not only lower prices, generally speaking, but would also give consumers a variety of choices concerning what they would pay for.

Chapter 1: America‘s Health-care System Is A Mess
Millions of Americans lack health insurance and still our annual health-care costs exceed $2 trillion. That is about the size of the entire economy of China. For the country with the world’s “best” medical care, a lot of people seem unhappy.

Chapter 2: What It Costs When It’s Free
There are many problems with health insurance, but that does not mean we should put the government in control. If it is decided that health care should be paid for with tax dollars, then it is up to the government to decide how that money should be spent. There is only so much money to go around, so the inevitable result is rationing.



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