Gov LPA Research: Sick In America

John Stossel interviews patients, doctors, health insurance representatives, and other experts in an examination of health care in America. Included among the interviewees is Michael Moore, producer of Sicko.

Chapter 3: The Way We Pay
A problem that raises costs and keeps individuals from controlling their own health care is the way we pay for medical care. Out of every dollar that the United States spends on health care, only 12 cents comes out of the pocket of patients. Most of us have our medical expenses covered by a third party, either an insurance company or the government.

Chapter 4: Customer Service, Competition, Control
In the 21st century, when even small children regularly use computers, many doctors and hospitals do not. E-mail and telephone consultations aren’t things most doctors can get paid for. But when patients are in control of their health-care spending, things get better.

Chapter 5: You and Me
The more people control the money they spend on their own health care, the more people shop around and the more providers compete to attract patients by lowering prices while improving quality. It’s putting individuals in control that could turn our health-care sector into the vibrant, competitive marketplace that we see in nearly every other area of our economy. After all, it’s our body and our health. Shouldn’t we be in control of how our health-care dollars are spent?



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