Gov: LPA Research

When we debate health care policy, we seem to jump right to the issue of who should pay the bills, blowing past what should be the first question: Why exactly are the bills so high?” That question prompted Steven Brill to begin his research. For seven months, he analyzed bills from hospitals, doctors, drug companies and every other player in the health care system; interviewed doctors, drug, hospital, Medicare and insurance administrators and collected patient stories across the country.

You must have electricity and can’t go elsewhere. You’re stuck with a sole provider. Your health care situation isn’t much different. You have whatever insurance your employer chooses and can only use certain hospitals or doctors. Most of us are powerless buyers in a seller’s market where the only sure thing is the profit of the sellers. But unlike with the electric company, no regulator caps hospital profits. Unless you have Medicare, the health care market is not a market at all.



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