Gov: Mock Campaign

Create a campaign commercial for one of six candidates. Read the information you receive about your candidate, and review the profile of your opponents. Identify experiences that qualify your candidate to be president. Ask why your candidate will appeal to the public and what differentiates your candidate from their opponents. Identify the focus of your commercial, including the candidate’s message, the type of advertisement.

Create a storyboard for your commercial using the template you are given to prepare a commercial that will convince people to vote for your candidate or against your opponent. Identify the persuasive technique or techniques you will use. You must use at least one persuasive advertising technique.

Your commercial must include every member of your group in some way, such as acting as the candidate, being interviewed, holding a sign, or providing narration. Set the scene with appropriate props or costumes. Practice your commercial in preparation for recording it. Include music or background visuals. Your commercial must be 30 seconds in length.



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