Mock General Election Results

Election Results
Students voted one candidate for the office of president. The percentage of the vote that each presidential candidate received was calculated and the outcome of the popular vote was revealed to the class. The candidate students voted for in the popular vote happens to be the candidate who received the majority of votes in the state they represented. Therefore, that candidate will receive all the electoral votes from that state. Their electoral votes was tallied and the candidate receiving the majority of electoral votes was announced as the winner.

Period 1
Popular Votes
Taylor Andrews – 42%
Cory Mathews – 58%

Electoral Votes
Taylor Andrews – 212
Cory Mathews – 321

Period 3
Popular Votes
Taylor Andrews – 53%
Cory Mathews – 47%

Electoral Votes
Taylor Andrews – 325
Cory Mathews – 193

Period 5
Popular Votes
Taylor Andrews – 66%
Cory Mathews – 34%

Electoral Votes
Taylor Andrews – 389
Cory Mathews – 113

Period 6
Popular Votes
Taylor Andrews – 48%
Cory Mathews – 52%

Electoral Votes
Taylor Andrews – 240
Cory Mathews – 282


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