Econ: IES Costume and Table Display

As economic advisors, you and your team can earn points for coming to the summit event in costume. A team costume identifies you as a group and makes it much easier for other economic advisors to find you and your team. A good team costume give your team a competitive advantage at the summit. Take advantage of the opportunity to be creative and earn points for your team.

There are three possible outcomes:
– No  evidence.
– Two elements are evident.
– Three or more elements are evident.

Costume Elements

  • Costume t-shirt
  • Head gear
  • Map
  • Matching clothing styles
  • Name tags’
  • Face paint
  • Flag
  • Matching color scheme

Table Display Elements

  • Country statistics
  • Flag displayed
  • Information creatively expressed
  • Food or artifacts displayed
  • Map(s) of country displayed
  • Country music or national anthem
  • Photos of country displayed
  • Matching color scheme

Read Players Guide Costume and Table Display page 44



Winter Break


HGov: Semester Review




HGov semester review worksheet


Econ: IES Trade Session Planning

Learning Target: You will utilize basic concepts in international trade that include: imports, exports, balance of payments, currency, rates of exchange, and barriers to trade.

Summit Trade Session-4med
Teams plan how they intend to meet their trade goals through leveraging the resources they possess for the resources they need. Your trade goal during the trade session is to exchange your export coupons for import coupons. The import coupons are those that you select as your import goal. Import goals are a list of import coupons you intend to obtain during the trading session.

Players Guide Trading Session Memo page 39


HGov: Naturalization Test Part 2

A survey conducted by the Center for the Study of the American Dream at Xavier University, in Cincinnati, Ohio, found that one in three respondents would fail the civics portion of the test given to those applying for U.S. citizenship. More than 1,000 Americans over the age of 18 were asked 10 random questions from the civics test, which asks about US history and government topics. Of those questioned, 35 per cent were unable to answer the pass mark of five correctly.

Econ: Import-Export Categories

Learning TargetYou will utilize basic concepts in international trade that include: imports, exports, balance of payments, currency, rates of exchange, and barriers to trade.

When you begin the Summit, you will receive export coupons. Export coupons will have your country’s name on it. During the trading session, you will trade or barter your country’s export coupons with other countries’ import coupons (coupons with their country’s name on it), or you may buy and sell coupons for cash. No coupons are to be exchanged prior to the trading session.

Players Guide Import-Export Categories page 33


HGov: Naturalization Test Part 1


Knowing about government is important for many different reasons. In a democracy like the United States, all citizens have an equal right to participate in politics, and many do so by voting in elections. It is important for voters to be informed about the issues and candidates that affect their everyday lives. This means that you are not just going to make your voting decision on a speech or television program that you see. You are going to be able to have a clear understanding of the different policies which are in place and you can compare one party to another, ensuring you make the right decision for you. Learning about government provides a foundation for making informed choices in elections.

There are many different reasons why we study government and it is mainly to have a clear understanding of how things operate and to ensure that improvements can be made in the future. It gives us the knowledge and puts us in a position to know more about the ins and outs of government. Learning about government ensures that we can make a difference and can control the future of our country, including political movements and government decision making.