HGov: Semester Review

Lawmaking Review: Bill, Speaker of the House, Senate majority leader, caucuses, majority and minority whips, committees, subcommittees, standing committees, conference committees, select committees, joint committees, hearings, mark-ups, appropriations, earmarks, amendments, riders, report, Christmas tree bill, logrolling, filibuster, hold, cloture, voice vote, stand-up vote, roll call vote, up-and-down vote, House Rules committee, open-rule, closed-rule, President, veto, and pocket veto.


Econ: IES Strategic Plan Assessment

Teams will list the strengths and weaknesses of their country and identify those needs that, if fulfilled, would enhance the quality of life for the inhabitants of their country. The teams will use their country export list as the benchmark for what the country is currently able to produce.

Complete Players Guide page 45 A, B, & C