HGov: Semester Review

Campaign Review: Formal qualifications, informal qualifications, invisible primary, self announcement, campaign organization, hired guns, campaign strategies, tone, themes, targeting, fundraising, hard money, soft money, McCain-Feingold Act, endorsements, 527 groups, political action committees, raise public interest, retail politics, wholesale politics, issue ads, primary election, closed primary, open primary, blanket primary, caucus, primary, party convention, party platform, selecting vice president, general election, get out the vote, popular vote, electoral vote, electoral college, 538 electoral vote, House of Representatives


Econ: IES Strategic Plan Goals

Advisor teams will select the type of imports that will meet the needs of their country and accomplish the goal of improving living standards. They also have the option to commit their country’s financial resources toward Long Term Development Projects. There are six types of LTDP: Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Conservation and the Environment, Security and Defense, and Transparent and Accountable Governance.

Complete in Player’s Guide page 46 A – C and page 48 #1-8.