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Semester Exam


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APMacro: IES Trade Session Prep

Improving living standards and the quality of life is your responsibility as an economic advisor. The trading session at the Summit is a great opportunity to achieve your country’s goals and demonstrate your superior trading ability. When you begin the Summit, you will receive an export coupon your export coupons (your country’s name will be on each coupon). During the trading session, you will trade (barter) your export coupons with other countries or you may buy and sell export coupons for cash.No coupons are to be exchanged prior to the trading session.

What is the Trading Session?
Your goal during the trading session is to exchange your export coupons for import coupons you will select as you generate your country’s strategic plan. You and your team will submit a list of import coupons you intend to obtain during the trading session at the Summit. The imports you select and submit for your strategic plan become the goals you must try to obtain during the trading session. You and your team can earn up to 20 points for meeting your import goals. At the end of the trading session, you may have some of your own coupons left over. No problem! Extra exports just mean you have a trade surplus. These coupons do not count toward your import goals.

Here is an example:
Let’s say the United Kingdom has 5 Consumer Goods coupons to export (these could represent clothes, washers and dryers, cars, or lawnmowers). In their strategic plan, the United Kingdom selected 3 Consumer Goods coupons to import (they wanted microwaves and coffee makers). At the end of the trading session, the United Kingdom has 3 Consumer Goods coupons, two coupons from Japan, and one of their own original Consumer Goods coupons. The Consumer Goods coupon with the United Kingdom label will not count toward meeting the import goals of their strategic plan.

Remember, you must trade, barter, or sell your export coupons for the import coupons you selected.

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APMacro: IES Trade Alliances

Summit Team Scoreboard

On the day of the Summit, your team will receive 2 Trade Alliance Cards. An Alliance Card is proof of your membership in a Trade Alliance. Just a name on the Trade Alliance form is not enough to prove your team is in the Trade Alliance. The card represents your legitimate membership in the Trade Alliance.

Special note to Division 3 Countries: Be sure to join an alliance with at least one Division 1 Country and make sure they agree to buy your Foreign Aid Voucher. Remember, 1 Foreign Aid Voucher is worth 5 WELCOs.

In the world of the Summit, a universal trade tariff is in place that requires you to pay a 1 LESCO payment for each traded coupon. The only way to avoid the tariff is to join a Trade Alliance. A legal Trade Alliance has two to six members. You may join up to two Trade Alliances, and you must have one Division 3 Country in the alliance.

During the Trade Session at the Summit, you and your team will try to meet the import goals from your Strategic Plan. It is your responsibility to track your trades and pay a tariff for any exchanges that occur outside of your Trade Alliances. When you exchange coupons with countries on your alliance list, those trades are tariff free. For each trade with a country not on your alliance list, you must pay a 1 LESCO trade tariff. Tariffs are payable to the Summit Bank. The Summit Bank will verify your tariff payment by placing the official bank stamp pn your Strategic Plan form. You must have a bank stamp, verifying your payment for each coupon from a country outside of your alliance. Failure to pay tariffs is an automatic disqualification of your team from the Summit.

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APMacro: IES Costume and Table Display

As economic advisors, you and your team can earn points for coming to the summit event in costume. A team costume identifies you as a group and makes it much easier for other economic advisors to find you and your team. A good team costume give your team a competitive advantage at the summit. Take advantage of the opportunity to be creative and earn points for your team.

There are three possible outcomes:
– No  evidence of costume, flag, or name tag.
– Two elements of a team costume are evident.
– Authentic or traditional country costumes or
..three or more elements of a team costume are evident.

Costume Elements

  • Costume t-shirt
  • Head gear
  • Map
  • Matching clothing styles
  • Name tags’Face paint
  • Flag
  • Matching color scheme

IES Table Exhibit Display
You and your team of economic advisors can earn points for coming to the summit event with a table display to give your team a competitive advantage at the summit. Take advantage of the opportunity to be creative and earn points for your team.

There are three possible outcomes:
– No evidence of flag, map, or country specific color scheme
– One to two elements of a table display are evident.
– Three or more elements of a table display are evident.

Table Display Elements

  • Country statistics
  • Flag displayed
  • Information creatively expressed
  • Food or artifacts displayed
  • Map(s) of country displayed
  • Country music or national anthem
  • Photos of country displayed
  • Matching color scheme