HGov: Summer Assignment Current Events Journal

current events11
Current Events Journal

  1. Title of Article:
  2. Topic of Article:
  3. Source (date & pages or URL):
  4. WHAT GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION is this article about?
  5. WHAT is this story about?
  6. List four facts and/or opinions related in your article and identify them as facts or opinions.
    1. … (fact or opinion)
    2. … (fact or opinion)
    3. … (fact or opinion)
    4. … (fact or opinion)
  7. WHEN did this story take place? Does it have anything to do with past events or issues? Be careful and THINK! Explain.
  8. WHERE is this event or issue occurring? (Specify city, country, region, etc.)
  9. HOW does this story connect to the US Constitution?
  10. PREDICT what you think might happen as this story develops.
  11. ASK – Write a well-developed and thoughtful question that the class can answer from information on this page. It should not be a YES or NO question.
  12. ANSWER – Write, in complete sentences, a thoughtful response to your question.


Possible Current Events Journal articles: Republican and/or Democratic Party Conventions, Clinton’s email scandal, The Trump Khan feud, Candidate Polls, Supreme Court and State Voter ID laws, Changes in the Republican party, Sending domestic terror suspects to Guantanamo Bay, Presidential candidates release tax returns, etc.



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